The Construction Leadership Podcast with Bradley Hartmann

The Construction Leadership Podcast with Bradley Hartmann

On The Construction Leadership Podcast, Bradley Hartmann (author of 12 construction-focused books and founder of the consultancy, Hartmann & Co.) interviews leaders throughout the industry to share ideas and insights to help you lead more effectively.

Recent Episodes

326 :: Madness Beyond March :: The Learning is Always Optional

March 30, 2023

As March Madness continues to roll through the nation, many of you have brackets that have already gone bust.  Bradley is no different.   In episode 326, Hartmann explains how his 5-step model for documenting your choices an…

325 :: Ben Jenkins, Founder of Warstic Sports, Inc. - It’s not the Weapon, It’s the Warrior

March 28, 2023

In episode 325, Bradley is joined by Co-Founder of , Ben Jenkins. They discuss the importance of branding and why it can be so difficult to get right.  Ben shares his experience collaborating with business partners, rock sta…

324 :: AXA XL's Gary Kaplan on project-based leadership

March 23, 2023

In episode 324 of The Construction Leadership Podcast, Bradley Hartmann is joined by Gary Kaplan, President of Construction at AXA XL. Gary touches on how he got into the construction insurance industry and how short-term, p…

323 :: Varsity Sports + Leadership with Jon Vaughan, Regional VP at US LBM

March 21, 2023

In episode 323, Bradley is joined by Regional Vice President at , Jon Vaughan. They discuss how leaders can learn from Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay's decision to hire former player Jeff Saturday, despite his lack of ex…

322 :: Jared Yando: The Curious Case of the Tenured Professor Returning to Build

March 14, 2023

In episode 322, Bradley is joined by Jared Yando, Sr. Project Manager at . They discuss the challenges of working with school boards during the K-12 construction process.  Being an academic as well as well as a builder, Jare…

321 :: Major League Case in Favor of Micromanagement

March 9, 2023

In episode 321, Bradley examines Major League Baseball's new rule changes designed to speed up the game and give back more time in your life.  He explains why the players' gripes about the rules are likely very similar compl…