The Construction Leadership Podcast with Bradley Hartmann

The Construction Leadership Podcast with Bradley Hartmann

On the Construction Leadership Podcast, we’ll deliver entertaining and insightful content from the brightest minds in the construction industry to help you improve your leadership capabilities and thinking on the subject.

Hosted by Bradley Hartmann, the founder and CEO of Red Angle, Inc., based in Dallas, our show promises to be relevant, entertaining, and brief – each episode will be well under an hour in length – long enough to dig beneath the surface on leadership topics with our guests, but short enough to be consumed on your daily commute.

Recent Episodes

Ep. 42 :: Jacki Dioguardi of AbbVie, Todd Brockway of Medline, and Nimesh Jhaveri of McKesson on Why Yesterday's Strategies Don't Guarantee Tomorrow's Success

June 10, 2021

Whether it’s construction or healthcare, organizations and those who lead them must challenge the a…

Ep. 41 :: Dr. Jim Ryan of IWR North America: From Defensive Tackle to Doctoral Degree in Leadership

May 27, 2021

In episode 41, Dr. Jim Ryan of IWR North America joins the show. Jim is the Senior Vice President o…

Ep. 40 :: How to Develop Amazing Leaders With Emily Brown of McCownGordon Construction

May 13, 2021

In episode 40, Bradley is joined by Emily Brown, Director of Talent Development at McCownGordon Con…

Ep. 39 :: David Patton, VP at Vari on Making Change Simpler

April 29, 2021

In episode 39, Bradley is joined by David Patton, Vice President of Product Design at Vari. They di…

Ep. 38 :: Admiral James Stockdale: More Than a Paradox, More Than a Punchline

April 15, 2021

In episode 38, Bradley details the lessons Admiral James Stockdale can teach us about living during…

Ep. 37 :: Zachry Corp's Dynamic HR Duo: Jason Westenskow and Abel Luna

March 19, 2021

In episode 37, Bradley is joined by Jason Westenskow (VP of Human Resources) and Abel Luna (Directo…