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Continuous Improvement!!!

Brad, Just when I think your podcast can’t get any better you surprise me with another great interview. Your love of learning is both obvious and contagious. Keep up the great work!

Good info for all industries

Despite not being in building/lumber I enjoy many of these podcasts. Good leadership ideas and good interviews are time well spent for me. I especially like hearing from women and BIPOC guests who are often up against extra hurdles in the leadership positions in this industry. Learning about the tenacity required to thrive is encouraging and applicable to me. Thanks!

Best sales podcast ever!

Bradley offers insightful thought leadership in the building products industry and as his motto says he delivers value first! I truly enjoy listening to this podcast each and every week. This is a must listen.

Fun, Engaging and Insightful Podcast!!

Bradley Hartman has nailed it with his Behind Your Back Podcast! This a great sales centered podcast on getting the results you want by delivering value first. Bradley has some amazing guest on his pod highlighting the many different ways you can achieve success in your business or trade. This is a fun, engaging and insightful podcast for anyone looking to up their game!! I highly recommend you take a listen!!

Feedforward to Foster Development

Loved the conversation with Melissa Dalton about using the “What if…” scenario approach with senior leaders to help them expand their thinking of what is possible. As well as helping leaders transfer knowledge through questions about their legacy.

Scott Shute Episode

One on my favorite podcasts I have heard. “Lean In”. I found a strap to wear with those words on it to remind me every day. Great words of wisdom. I loved his back story and want to hear more so I ordered his book.

Great episode on becoming a better leader

I just listened to episode 217 about being a better leader. I wish all leaders could listen to this! Spot on with being fair, NOT micromanaging, and not just waiting until an annual performance review to give feedback to an employee. I also appreciated the banter among the host, Bradley, his employee Erik, and the guest Carl. Well done. Dr. Renee Thompson CEO

Fun, engaging and to the point

Bradley always has great guests, interesting topics and is fun to listen to. The interviews go by fast and never fail to give me something to think about. I’m a better professional because I listen to these.

Gold for Building Materials Industry

Hartman delivers consistently insightful conversations with industry thought leaders. My teammates can tell when I’m catching up on this podcast because my creative ideas flow faster when listening to this show.

Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🔥

Whether you're well established as a leader in the LBM industry, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Bradley does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a profitable business, and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Top Shelf Performance

If you sell in the building materials industry, this podcast is a must! Bradley goes into deep analysis of every single step of the sales process and does it in a very entertaining and dynamic way.

Red is En Fuego

Been a big fan of BH for several years and have witnessed him grow his presence exponentially into the LBM space, and he is leaving a path of inspiration behind him and followers wanting more. He is engaging, energetic

Great Education for the Building Professional

What a great podcast! Was turned onto this by a friend and haven’t stopped listening. So many great nuggets to really sink your teeth into! Great guests from all over the building material/building industry. A must listen for all sales professionals! Thanks Bradley for such great content!

Great content for LBM sales

I love the energy of the Behind Your Back podcast with you and Jenny! I’m a young, hungry, sales motivated individual. To me, your podcast has been both captivating and informative.

Always learning something

Love the ‘Behind Your Back’ podcast by BH. I’m a few sessions behind so I’m now binge listening. I noticed several of my colleagues were listening so I didn’t want to be left in the dark. Keep it up. Thanks Bradley.

Great Podcast!

Bradley does a great job at offering insight into the minds of buyers. I also appreciate the conversational format of the podcast, as it's not as rigid as many interview type podcasts. Keep it up!

Real world advice from a real world pro

I’ve been a listener and subscriber since episode #1. I’ve had Bradley speak at my events, sent sales people to his training and recommend this podcast to any and everyone in the LBM world. It’s the right mix of humor, education and advice crafted for every sales professional. Start at episode #1 for a free training course on selling to the building material industry.

Great insights

Bradley never fails to inform and entertain and does an excellent job getting his guests to relax and open up and share their wealth of knowledge and insights. His podcast is invaluable for all of us in the LBM industry whether we’ve been doing it for 30 years or 30 days

Always a nugget here.

Love this podcast. If you're in Building Materials industry in particular its worth your time while driving from call to call. I’ve used some thing I heard on the show literally five minutes after hearing it. Good stuff. Never stop learning.

Behind Your Back - Bradley Hartmann

Outside sales requires a lot of time being....well, outside. Hopefully anyway. Traveling from place to place, job site to job site, seeing customers and prospects and trying to create additional revenues. And profits; owners and shareholders like profits, and being on commission so do I. So why not do yourself a favor if you’re in this line of business, and listen to podcasts that WILL help you to be more successful? (Hint: “more successful” applies here not only in business, but in life in general). Behind Your Back is an awesome resource to draw from, and it’s very easy to listen to as well. Help you help you! Hey, Put. The. Phone. Down. when you’re driving. It can wait. Prioritize your time and the manner in which you spend it, all the while helping yourself, your family and your company. I highly recommend it; especially during business hours if nothing else. I’ll be the first to admit that my mind wanders from time to time when I’m tuned in; that’s why I listen to the podcasts time and again. That makes me think about my wife - when our kids were a little younger, a time when she still had a minivan and Nemo seemed like the only movie ever made to our younger kids. Even after hearing the movie play for the umpteenth time, she still picked up on something new quite often and she’d point it out to me when I was with them. The same concept applies here. The guest speakers are highly accomplished and helpful when they share what things have helped to make them successful. Bradley makes the whole “learning thing” fun and easy, even when he does the short podcasts alone. Sorry Bradley, not that they wouldn’t all be good if you had no guests. Because they might. Probably, I’m pretty sure. In closing, just check it out, I’m thinking you’ll be glad you did. By the way, just a self represented disclaimer: this has been an unpaid endorsement from an everyday guy in doing the same thing many of you do each and every day.....just not in my town. Stay out of my town, especially if you do start listening to these podcasts. I’m on commission, remember?

Great info every episode

Every one of these podcasts brings great info you can learn from and they are also fun to listen to. Bradley is a great interviewer and keeps the pace fast. I look forward to each one.

Continuous Improvement!!!

Brad, Just when I think your podcast can’t get any better you surprise me with another great interview. Your love of learning is both obvious and contagious. Keep up the great work! I also like the addition of the Bullet point. Great content every week!!!

Love the show

Been in the industry for 7 years and I think this might be the best podcast about the LBM industry in the world. Keep up the good work.

Sales Manager

Glad I found this... very insightful, inspirational, and informative! Hope my competition isn’t listening.

Great podcast for anyone in the LBM industry

Ever wish you could sit down and have a conversation with a leader in the building industry? This podcast delivers. Great insights, interesting stories, and some humor to keep the dialog moving.

Great Insight

Your podcasts are providing great insight and tips from professionals in the LBM industry - with a bit of humor to boot. Thoroughly enjoyed both podcasts so far.